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I have spent a little time at my parents in Essex and discovered a family of Hedghogs! 2 little uns and an adult…they were amazing. My only concern was how relaxed they were; there are a lot of cats living near my parents and the hedgehogs seemed not to shy away from anything. I only hope they don’t get into any trouble!

Hedgie BESTHedgieHedgie 2


Poppies are in bloom! I enjoyed a 10K walk today, just to visit one small field of them…the wind was the strongest I have known it for ages and I was getting blown about all over the place, but it was worth it for the small sea of red….


Poppy field


Poppy field

Poppies and Porth Joke

Poppy field

Poppies and wildflowers..

New Nature issue #4

Issue 4 is out!

The magazine is free to download from New Nature

April’s edition features my interview with Ian McCarthy, an award winning photographer who has spent time working on many fantastic BBC programmes, the issue of invasive species, bees, spring couples, birds social networks (twitter anyone?) and advice from Mark Whitley of Countryman Magazine about how to get published.

We hope you enjoy reading it, and if you want to contribute, then please email us your pitches to:

Issue 3 of New Nature


Issue 3 has been released today. You can read it here for free:


This month, we are starting to think about spring, with features on butterflies, geese migration, guillemot chicks and investigating a rocky shore. We also take a good look into education in this issue; considering the Natural History GCSE, and how education can play a part in the future of our environment.

Someone who knows a lot about that subject was my March interviewee, Tony Juniper; a man often labelled an ‘eco hero’. Talking to him was fascinating, he has so much experience in the field and our chat was really thought-provoking for me. I always try and ask my interviewees how they feel about the future of nature, and what always gives me hope is that they always have a positive answer – an understanding that we are in trouble, and that there is a lot of work to do, but they are positive.

Please take the opportunity to have a read through New Nature and check out the talent from all the young naturalists who submit to us.

If you are aged 30 and under and would like to submit to either the magazine or the blog, please do get in touch. There is a guide on pitching available on the website.